Form & Function Combine to Create The Ultimate Portable Dance Floor

Ever wish you could just swap out the surface of a dance floor to change the look?
Now you can!

  • Simply "switch" out the acrylic square on your dance
  • Change the surface of your dance floor panels for multiple looks
  • Customize designer looks for events, venues, sport teams & more
  • Switchlok® kit includes full & half panel trays & edging
  • 2'x2' squares in a variety of colors
  • Customize your floor by purchasing acrylic
  • Patent Pending

Switchlok® is designed using our Publok® tool free system of interlocking panels laid in a self securing brickwork pattern.
No need for tools means dramatic labor savings. 6mm thick long wearing acrylic for luxurious color depth.

Design Your Floor

Choose Surface

Actual colors may vary. FREE color samples available upon request.

Choose Edging

Choose Size

Listed are some of our most popular sizes or customize your dance floor size.

DancersFloor Size
18 9x9
32 12x12
50 15x15
60 15x18
72 18x18
70 21x15
98 21x21
128 24x24
200 30x30