Multilok®-Omnilok® Waterproof Outdoor/Indoor Dance Floor

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The Multilok (formally Omnilok®) Portable Dance Floor is the perfect marriage of Outlok® and Florlok® portable dance floors. Combining the benefits of Outlok®, being 100% waterproof, with the rigidity and weight of Florlok® creates a portable dancefloor that provides structure, rigidity and strength needed for outdoor events.

Multilok® utilizes the same patented interlocking system as our other Lok dance floors. The Multilok® dance floors are set-up using of two panel sizes. Full (34"x34") and Half (34”x17”) panels laid in a brickwork pattern. The innovative brickwork pattern means the panels and edges are secured without the need for screws or tools making for quick and easy installation and take down. The panels are lightweight, yet rigid and easy to handle.

The custom Multilok® cart is designed for quick and effortless transport and storage. Each cart holds a 15’x15’ complete (panels and edging) dance floor and is sized to fit through any standard single width doorway.

Colors Shown Left to Right (1st Row) Vintage Pine Vertical Wood Grain, Vintage Pine Horizontal Wood Grain, Distressed Oak Vertical Wood Grain, Distressed Oak Horizontal Wood Grain, Bracken Vertical Wood Grain, Bracken Horizontal Wood Grain. (2nd Row) Ebony Vertical Wood Grain, Ebony Horizontal Wood Grain, White Washed Pine Vertical Wood Grain & White Washed Pine Horizontal Wood Grain.