Shipping Info

If we have dedicated an entire page to “shipping info” chances are good, it’s important.

New product prior to being shipped.

New product prior to shipping

New product damaged after shipping

Who can ship product? We’ll be happy to handle the freight logistics for you. We only pass through charges directly associated with your order. Yes, we know some of our competitors do not charge for freight. It is not that you are not paying for the freight, they just choose to bundle the product and freight cost as one fee. If you would prefer to handle the freight logistics, we will make sure your product leaves our warehouse in “new” condition.  PLEASE NOTE:  If the client arranges the freight and the product is damaged during transit, the client assumes the responsibility to file the damage claim with the carrier.  You also have the option of picking up the product from our facility.  Should damages occur after pickup, the client who picks up the product also assume the same responsibilities as "client arranged freight".  

What can be shipped? Anything we sell can be shipped to you anywhere in the world.

When do you need your product? We pride ourselves on the ability to usually ship product within 1-2 business days of your order confirmation. Please remember, there are times of year when we are extremely busy. Chances are good if you are busy we are as well.

Order early, we’ll be glad to delay shipping until you need the product. This way we can at least gauge the volume to be more prepared.

Periodically we do have products on “back order”. Don’t worry; we’re on it. As soon as it gets in we’ll ship to you right away. If something is on back-order, don’t wait to order it, get on the list as soon as possible.

Why do you need shipping? Simple answer is: So you can receive the product you ordered. We have great relationships with many of the commercial carriers. We will always strive to provide the most competitive rates and pick carriers who have the best track record of not damaging product. Product gets damaged during freight?

This is important... What do you do when you receive damaged freight?

When your new product left our facility, it left as “new product”. We made sure it was packed properly and secured well.

Then the freight company comes to pick it up. Once the freight company arrives, it’s out of our hands. During transit, sometimes things happen. You hear about trucks hitting overpasses; well, sometimes our products are in those trucks. Needless to say, we did not send it damaged, so PLEASE…. do not blame us if it arrives damaged. We will work with you to get the product replaced. BUT there are a couple things you have to do to make sure the damage is documented.

When your product arrives looking like this, YOU MUST DOCUMENT THE DAMAGE with the carrier. We recommend:

  1. Take pictures of the damage
  2. Document and describe the damage on the paperwork when the carrier delivers the product. Do not let the driver leave without documenting the damage. Keep a copy!
  3. Call EES right away to inform us that you documented the damages and took photos.

We know you are not always the person receiving the product, so make sure you educate your staff. This is good information for all incoming shipments, not just from EES. DON’T WORRY, once you document the damages, we will work diligently to get replacement product sent to you. Then we will work to get reimbursed from the carrier. If you do not document the damages, we cannot replace the product. These types of damages are not covered in the product warranty.