Form & Function Combine to Create The Ultimate Portable Dance Floor

Multilok® Engineering
Multilok® (formally Omnilok®) is the perfect combination of benefits from our two best selling floor systems. Outlok® waterproof commercial grade vinyl and the solid aluminum base Florlok® give you a 100% waterproof portable floor that dramatically reduces the need for sub-floors when used outdoors. Multilok® utilizes our patented interlocking system with full and half panel sizes laid in a brickwork pattern. The panels and edging are secured without the need for screws or tools making for quick and easy installation and take down.

Transport & Storage
The custom Multilok® cart is designed for quick and effortless transport and storage. Each cart holds a 15’x15’ complete dance floor (all panels & edging) and is sized to fit through any standard single width doorway.

Features & Benefits

Design Your Floor

Choose Surface

From the intricate grain details to the unique characteristics of real woods, we’ve used the latest technology to bring you floors that are the ultimate in style and give you exceptionally high performance and quality.

Actual colors may vary. FREE color samples available upon request.

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Listed are some of our most popular sizes or customize your dance floor size.

DancersFloor Size
18 9x9
32 12x12
50 15x15
60 15x18
72 18x18
70 21x15
98 21x21
128 24x24
200 30x30