39" x 60" Mega Mover

Benefits & Features:

  • 6 in. Industrial Swivel & Locking Casters - Easily Move Across ANY Terrain
  • Fork Lift Stir-Ups/Pockets - Efficient Warehouse Stacking
  • Decrease Warehouse Footprint - Stack Up to 3 High
  • Custom Colors Available


  • Weight capacity per cart 2000 lbs.
  • Suggested stack height (3) carts
  • Weight per cart 165 lbs.
  • Outside Dimensions: 60”Dx39.3”Wx73”overall height
  • Inside Dimensions: 55.5”Dx34.8”Wx65” high load

For Folding Chairs

The EES Standard Chair Mega Mover® holds the all the most popular folding chair types.


Mega Mover®
+ (90) Oakwood Folding Chairs

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Mega Mover®
+ (90) Resin Performance Chairs

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Mega Mover®
+ (96) Hollywood Folding Chairs

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Mega Mover®
+ (150) Celebration Poly Folding Chairs
Add E-Track upgrade to your Mega Mover® to use straps vs. shrink wrap.

Want to hold even more chairs per cart?
Upgrade your posts to 81" to hold up to 201 Celebration Poly Folding Chairs.

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For Stacking Chairs

By adding E-Track strap inserts and 96” extended post options the Mega Mover can easily transport stacking chairs.
Holds qty (42) Chiavari (shown), (20) X-Back & (42) Elio Metal Stacking (not shown)


Mega Mover®
+ (42) Chiavari Chairs shown here with E-Tack option

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Chair Cart

Our purpose-designed carts are available for quick and effortless transport and storage.



Heavy Duty Chair Cart

  • Capacity: 70 Celebration® chairs, or 30 Oakwood®, or 30 Performance® chairs
  • Length: 40 3/4“
  • Width: 18 7/8”
  • Height to handle: 45 3/4“

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Mega Mover® Accessories

Our Mega Movers® come standard with some amazing money saving features.
Add on these accessories to expand the labor & money saving options for your Mega Mover® systems.


Flex Post & Bracket Package
Easily transport tent tops, poles, pipe, drape, dish crates and so much more.

  • Telespar upright posts and locking cotter pins with angle iron shelf brackets
  • Easily transport tent tops, poles & other compenents
  • Plywood shelf shown sold separately

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E-Track Ratchet Strap Inserts
Moving straps secure products instead of large volumes of shrink-wrap. Use just enough plastic wrap to keep product clean for delivery and eliminate the need to wrap on pick up. Dramatically decrease your environmental impact and operating costs.

  • Built into chair carts
  • Use with straps to secure load
  • Reduces cost and environmental impact of shrink wrap

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Stationary Base
The Mega Mover® stacks three units high. Setting the Mega Mover® base rack on a Stationary Base with casters raised further secures the Mega Mover® stacks in your warehouse. Transporting your Mega Movers® on a flat bed truck? The base secures your load of products on Mega Movers®.

  • Best for long term warehouse storage
  • Secures carts loaded on flat bed trucks

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Chair Stationary Base


Removable Target Inserts
Mega Movers® are sold with fixed targets for easy warehouse stacking. Improve your efficiency and maximize your truck load with our removable targets.

  • Upgrade option for Mega Movers
  • Insert targets for stacking
  • Remove targets to maximize truck loads - Mega Movers fit flush

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Target inserted in upright post for stacking in warehouse

Lift and remove target to maximize truckload


Cart Handle
Purchase additional cart handles to expand the possibilities and speed of your team. Simply remove two upright posts and replace with handle to transport just about anything!

  • Increase labor efficiency
  • Exchange uprights for handle to move carts

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Chair Mega Mover® with Handle